Dogs Health Benefits
Are so vast and yet so selective that no one can make just one list

Dogs health benefits, do they really exist, or is it just a fantasy? If you ask most any dog owner, regardless of their age, dogs are much more than just a family pet.

In several instances dogs can provide several health benefits simply by their pure and unconditional love.


In fact, there is growing evidence that although they may not heal any type of disease, they can sense them as well as providing benefits that may be too numerous to mention.

Man and dogs have had a history that goes back to the beginning of recorded time, and the legacy of how your dog helps assist you both mentally as well as physically continues to grow.

If fact, if someone were to take the other side of the argument, they would be very hard pressed to show how that dogs health benefits do not exist.

Heart Attacks

There is mounting evidence that if you suffer a heart attack, your chances are much higher of surviving after that heart attack if you own a dog as compared to those people that do not own a dog.

Canaan dogsThey are also very good at knowing when something is not right

Some would suggest that your chances of survival go from odds of 1 in 15 percent and sky rocket to about 1 in 80 if you have a dog.

Dogs health benefits would be very significant if they only help 2 to 3 percent survive the first year.

However some studies suggest that only 6 percent of people that suffered a serious heart attack survived the first year, as compared to almost 30 percent that owned a dog.

But it does not end there, as there have been several studies that have found that dog owners have both lower cholesterol as well as triglyceride levels when compared to those without a dog.

Lower Blood Pressure

Dogs health benefits have also shown that they reduce blood pressure, simply because of their calming effect.

There have also been several reports that show that very ill children that have their dog present during a physical examination have shown lower blood pressure, lower heart rates, and overall less behavioral stress.

But only if their dogs are present as compared to when they are absent.


But there are still pundits that would disagree and challenge exactly how a dog could provide any real type of a health benefits. The answers are very simple.

Owing a dog reduces loneliness; it does not matter if you are ill, elderly, live alone, or have a large family. Dogs provide a sense of being safe and secure every time you return home.

They do not care had bad your day was, how sick you may be, or how lonely you are. They only care that you are you, and they have no concern about anything else.

Dogs health benefits also include reducing depression. Even on your worst day or toughest challenges in life, there they are, waiting for you when it seems like no one else really cares.

Physical Activity and Exercise

The health benefits of owning a dog are also extremely important when it comes to physical actively, exercise, and overall fitness. Dogs love to go on walks with you or your family.

Dog owners are much more apt to walk, regardless of their age or limitations, than people without dogs.

Owners will also play and interact with another live entity that does not argue, cause emotional distress, or challenges.

Dogs health benefits also include the weight factor in most owners. Dogs keep you active, make going outside fun and challenging, and overall improve your outlook on everything.

Yes, this dog of yours is much more than just a friend when you start to tally up all of the benefits.

Predicting Health Issues

Dogs health benefits have also have some absolutely amazing functions that even the experts cannot explain.

They have a sixth sense in that they can predict seizures in their owners long before the actual seizure.

Dogs can be trained to recognize changes in behavior of owners that suffer seizures and can sense them coming anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes in advance.

With this absolutely uncanny talent, they can alert and prepare the owner.

They can also be trained to help control the freezing in Parkinson disease, and to this date no one has any real clue how this works, but it does and is amazing to see.

Parkinson patients not only have tremors and stiffness, but they also develop what is called freezing.

This is a condition where their feet will actually freeze up while in the process of walking, and they will fall as a result.

People that suffer from this will than become extremely reluctant to move or walk and they become even more distressed.

Unless they have a dog, as there is yet another amazing health benefit to dog ownership, as dogs can be trained to eliminate this freeze.

They simply have to touch the feet and the freezing stops.

These dogs are also trained to then help their owners from falling by balancing them with their body.

If they do fall, they are trained to help them back up. If you have never seen this, it is absolutely amazing to watch.

Dogs are also legendary in their ability to predict violet weather as well as earthquakes.

If you live in a tornado or earthquake prone area, no one has to convince you on this ability. This goes far beyond any health benefit, as they will help to save your life if you listen to them.

There have also been several reported cases where dogs can actually sniff out and pinpoint with uncanny accuracy cancer in people.


But if you are still not convinced about dogs health benefits, spend just one day with a volunteer dog in an elderly home or a hospital.

You will come away from the experience with an entire different outlook on this animal we call our best friend.

Even the most ill child or the most seriously wounded soldier shows an immediate change when they come into contact with a dog.

Elderly people seem to come back to life as these volunteer dogs are both mystical as well as magical in how they can transform perhaps the loneliest people on this earth.

It is almost like these dogs are transformed into angels, and who knows, maybe they are.

Even the most fragile and the toughest of the elderly seem to melt in the site of these dogs as they share and spread their unconditional love.


Dogs health benefits are immense if you give your dog a chance to share them. There is perhaps nothing on this earth that is more powerful than what a dog can do for you and your loved ones.

They want nothing in return other than an occasion treat and for you to be you and love them back.

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