Yorkshire Terriers Health Issues
Like all breeds have certain health issues but they are very easy to control

Yorkshire Terriers health issues are something that any potential owner should fully consider before purchasing this very delightful and energetic dog.

Vitamin and Mineral supplements are very important for all pets, but for this breed it may not only be an essential, it may be critical in maintaining their overall health.

Affectingly known as Yorkie's, these very small dogs can offer rather big personalities in their very small package.

These members of the Toy Group of dogs are very energetic, extremely determined and investigative, and actually very brave and bold by nature as in their beginnings were used to catch and kill rats.

These small and very lovable canine companions had a very interesting background as rat catchers in the early nineteenth century, especially in Europe.

However they moved from the working class of dog quite rapidly to the high society class, all because of their personalities.

They are simply put, very fun to be around. However, any potential owner needs to fully understand the possible health issues first.

You will need to make absolutely certain that Yorkshire Terriers are the right breed for you, as they are not especially suited to be around very young children.

This is not for the safety of the children, but for their safety as they can be quite fragile.


Cute yorkiesYorkshire Terriers health issues are very easy to control

Yorkie's can easily adapt to almost any surrounding, they travel very easily, and they require very little exercise.

But they do require interaction with people, and to suit their personality, the more interaction the happier they are.

In fact, these lovable little creatures have actually have been placed into Yorkie Classes by many of their owners that include the following categories.

Energetic, Placid, Hard Headed, Sweet Natured, Serious, Goofballs, Introverted, and then the class of a Yorkie that Everyone Loves.


Yorkshire Terriers health issues can be easily categorized into three major classes.

These include their teeth, as they are very prone to tooth problems and tooth decay, and digestive problems especially with protein-losing enteropathy.

And finally simply because of their small size, bone structure problems including knee cap issues as well as broken bones.

Vitamin and Mineral supplements for pets are very important, but for the Yorkie it may be the most important thing you can do for them.

The most prevalent Yorkshire Terriers health issue is their teeth. Yorkies are very prone to tooth problems, and in the most severe cases, tooth decay.

Although most all dogs develop some form of tooth decay, they do not develop cavities.

Yorkshire Terriers health issues with their teeth can be traced almost exclusively to what you feed them.

Soft foods may be the easiest to give them, but they can be horrible for your Yorkie, as soft food leaves food debris in the gum pockets.

There are several very good hard foods brands that you can select from, but do not feed them soft foods.

These food debris can lead to infections, the infections can than cause the gums to become soft and recede, thus causing the potential for teeth to decay.

If left unchecked, your small canine companion will actually lose their teeth.

In preventing health issues with their teeth, you should carefully check them daily and brush them as often as possible, at least three times a week to prevent tarter buildup.

Tater buildup can easily be removed by the owner at home by rubbing a solution of three percent hydrogen peroxide or a weak one percent hydrochloric acid.

Use only baking soda toothpaste or toothpaste especially for dogs, but never human toothpaste, as it too strong for your pet.


Vitamins A and D, and the mineral Calcium are also essential for your Yorkie.

However remember that they are a fat soluble vitamin meaning that they are stored by the liver and adipose tissue, and thus not easily extracted.

What this basically means is they can be toxic at high levels, so only use the recommended levels.

Vitamin A aids in the formation and in the maintenance of mucous membranes, especially important to your Yorkie's gums and teeth.

It also contains beta carotene which has antioxidant properties that will help with tooth infections.

Vitamin D helps promote calcium absorption, which is critical for not just the teeth, but also the bones of your Yorkie.

Vitamin D also maintains healthy levels of calcium as well as phosphorus in your pets bloodstream.

Yorkshire Terriers health issues and their bones is not just their fragility, but also what is known as luxating patella

This is a condition where the kneecap actually moves from its normal position, making the calcium levels in your canine especially important.

It must be at the correct levels to help prevent this condition.

You should always consult your veterinarian first before giving them any supplement.

The final Yorkshire Terriers health issue that is potentially dangerous is digestive conditions, especially protein losing enteropathy.

This protein losing condition is best described as your Yorkie losing protein through the intestine that is very difficult to replace.

Because Yorkie's already have a tendency to have delicate digestive systems to begin with, this is a potentially harmful condition that can lead to severe bouts of diarrhea.

It may also trigger fluid lose in your pet, both very serious conditions.

Medically described as any disturbance where the result is a marked increase in mucosal permeability, protein losing enteropathy has the potential to cause infection, congestive heart failure, and portal hypertension.

These Yorkshire Terriers health issues can be traced back to what they are fed.

However, what they are fed may also be causing them the greatest health risk if that diet is too low in fat as in than reduces your pets Vitamin b12 and folate levels, essential for malabsorption.

Absorption of the nutrients you are feeding your pet is essential for small intestine health.

Your veterinarian can quickly test your pet for low levels of b12 and folate, and make the recommendation for supplements as needed.


However, remember that this is a fat soluble vitamin, and as such can be toxic if not given in the correct amounts.

Your beloved Yorkie, despite all the potential health issues, if supplemented properly and checked regularity, can be a great pet to own and just plain out fun to be around

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