What Did I Do Wrong?
It is very important to remember that the love and friendship goes both ways

What did I do wrong could be a letter from one of the millions of dogs that are turned into a shelter every year, or even worse, they are left out in the country to die.

There are several reasons why dogs are turned into shelters and include owners that have severe health problems that can no longer take care of the dog and in some cases may have even died.


There are also cases where the owner is moving and it is impossible to take the dog with them.

But for the vast majority of cases, perhaps the owner should have never acquired a dog in the first place.

Responsible dog ownership is something that should never be taken lightly, and if your lifestyle changes and you no longer have time for your dog, it is not fair to the animal.

Dogs are living entities that deserve every chance of living a long and happy life, and there are several questions you should ask before getting a dog.

They include questions such as are you emotionally, financially, and personally ready to take this responsibility?

Is the breed right for what I am looking for? Are all members of the family ready to share in the responsibility?

Can I properly take care of this pet and pet proof my house if necessary?

All of these questions should first be answered, if not, your dog may have a very sad letter to write if they could and they would ask you what did I do wrong?

The Letter


I can smell all of the other dogs and cats in this place, and I can sense their sadness and hear their fear.

This is not like the doctor’s office where I know I have not always been as well behaved as I should have been.

The smell is horrible and everyone looks so sad.

Are we on just some kind of a visit, yes that must be it, but I am still very scared.

Everything is flashing back in my mind. I can remember the first day that we met, when I was just a puppy and lived with by family until you came by and took me.

I was very sad for several days and then really began to like you and I could tell that you liked me too.


I remember those very early days when I accidentally chewed your shoes and for the first time you raised your voice to me and I asked you than what did I do wrong?

But you very quickly forgave me and I made the promise never to do that again.

I also remember as I started to grow and the world was so fun to explore, especially digging the holes in what I thought was my yard as well as yours.

After all, that is where I would hide things and play with them later.

Again, you raised your voice slightly and I asked you what I did wrong?

You very gently explained to me that I could not dig and you called it ruining the yard, but to me it was fun, but I listened and understood.

I also remember all of those times that we went hunting and I did exactly what you told me to do as I smelled the birds, stopped, and showed you exactly where they were located.

I ever remember the first loud sound that boomed from your long stick that really scared me at first, but I got used to it.

I remember the times that I chased those funny looking animals you called deer and again got me into trouble.

And again, I asked you what did I do wrong, and as always you very gently explained to me not to chase them as that it not what we are hunting.

Please do not tell me that all of this is because of the first time that the lady friend of yours came over.

I could sense right than that she did not much care for me and that was the only reason that I growled.

As you scolded me for that and I questioned what I did wrong, you explained to me that she was your new friend and I needed to treat her with respect.

It took an awful lot of work, but I promise, I did everything I could to try to like her.

Sad dogsWhat did I do wrong is a dogs letter for another chance

And I remember all of those days playing with the neighbor’s kids. I did not understand why they all had kids and you did not, but it made me feel really special as you always called me your kid.

This made me feel so proud and made me love you ever more.

I would make every effort to protect all of my neighbor friends from anything, especially a bad dog that would threaten them or bark at them.

I also remember the time the very shy kid three houses down from our house got lost and no one could find him.

Everyone looked for hours and then you finally let me loose and his father let me smell one of his shirts.

That is all it took and I could smell his trail and we found where he was hiding.

I asked you again, what did I do wrong? Everyone was crying and yelling at the same time, and I will never forget the way you held me and told me that day how very special I was.


I thought I was in trouble again but you made me feel so good it is something that I have never forgotten.

But when all of the neighbors started petting me and telling me how smart I was and what a good dog I was, it made me feel like the king of any dog that has ever lived.

But I still never really understood, as I really like kids and it was fun finding him when no one else could.

But the day came when you went away for a while, I asked myself again what did I do wrong?

But then you came back with your lady friend but this time she never left.

I did have a hard time getting used to that at first, but I am used to her sharing our home now.

But these last few months I could really sense that something was wrong with you and it seemed like every time she talked about me

I could see you get mad, but only I could feel it. What did I do wrong for her not to like me?

I knew this because you would always walk away and tell me that it would be alright. What would be alright?

I kept trying to ask you in the only way that I knew how as this time I knew I did not do anything wrong.

But then I started to understand something about a baby and it would not be safe. Now I really am confused; I love kids!


Crying dogsA dog has a personality and feelings similar to us

I would protect that baby with my life and no one would ever hurt him or her. I promise.

Please, I ask you again, what did I do wrong?

This place is really scaring me now. I am also worried about you now, as I have never seen water coming from your eyes.

I do not understand why you are holding me so tight and saying you love me and will miss me.

Where are you going? Please take me with you; you are all that I have ever had.


Owning a dog should never be taken lightly and it can be the most rewarding experience that you will ever have if you make the right decision.

But making it and then deciding that you were simply not ready or not planning properly is not fair to the dog that gives you unconditional love.

If you are going to get a dog, consider adopting one from a shelter. Take some extra time and make a very careful decision. Look into the dog’s eyes as deep as you can.

They all have a letter.

The letter may be one of neglect and abuse, but you can quickly change that letter to love and complete dedication on their part.

But whatever the letter is, it can still be rewritten and they are just waiting for the chance to be your special friend.

What Did I Do Wrong?

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