Souls in Dogs
Anyone that would suggest that dogs do not have a soul has never owned one

Souls in dogs, is there such a thing?

This is an age old question and there will always be arguments for each side, but the answer should be very easy; yes, dogs do have a soul.

To actually understand how some people may come to this conclusion, it is helpful to try to understand what a soul actually is and then relate that to a belief system.

Although there are several belief systems, almost all of them acknowledge dogs.

Christian and Islamic cultures mention dogs, as well as Greek and Roman mythology.

In the most sophisticated and earliest civilization, China, dogs play a role in religion, folklore, and mythology.

Written records from over 4.000 years ago reveal that dog trainers were held in extremely high esteem as well as kennel masters.


Canaan dogsSouls in dogs come out in their loyalty and love

When anyone considers the process of creation itself, the question has to be asked what a soul is and does a soul actually exist.

The first thought of a soul is the first flow of energy into the creation, and that creation evolves into of love.

In this process, the concept of love becomes a living reality.

It is often said that God is love in the truest form and everything that was created, including dogs, carries this concept.

Love is carried into creation by the energy wave that is light. Light is the foundation or the active ingredient in the impulse of creation.

Love was the actual source, light is the activating principle, and as a result, there was life.

It is widely held that these sparks of energy are the souls of everything that is created, and this would include dogs.

After all, what better source of love is there than your dog?

The soul becomes involved with, attached to, and built around that which has been created. The soul is the actual purpose for the creation in the first place.

And dogs are no exception to that purpose.

And just like humans, when your dog dies, their soul goes somewhere, and the common belief is that it goes back with the creator.

Souls in dogs do exist.


Dogs Mentioned in Religious Beliefs

Are dogs mentioned anywhere in the Bible?

To hold to the concept of the creation of a soul, they must have been mentioned in the Bible.

The answer is again a yes; dogs are mentioned 44 times in the Bible; 35 times on the Old Testament and 9 times in the New Testament.

Dogs are also mentioned in the Quran 5 times.

There is to this day a lot of misconception that in the Quran God refers to dogs as dirty animals and that they should be avoided; if this was true it goes against the concept of love and the soul.

However, the truth is that that nowhere does God call dogs dirty animals, but rather a beautiful creation that He created for us to use as companionship as well as friendship.

In the Bible the most famous mention of dogs is that they did not bark and raise alarm when the Hebrew slaves left Egypt in the Book of Exodus.

This is another act of companionship, friendship, and love as the result of their soul.

As a result of this very unusual restraint, it became a custom to give any meat of a questionable kashrus to dogs to eat, not just scraps.

It is also interesting to note that the only actual breed mentioned in the Bible is the Greyhound in the book of Proverbs.

Dog Loyalty and Love

Blending together the actual concept and what a soul actually is, there are literally millions of stories about the loyalty and pure love that dogs show for their owners.

For any dog owner there is no greater love you will ever experience from any soul in your life greater than the love from your dog.

Yes, there are souls in dogs.

Dogs throughout the history of mankind have saved the lives of their owners as well as any number of family members.

They are perhaps the best natural guard against any type of harm for our children, and they have fought alongside of our soldiers in wars and perhaps are some of any countries greatest war heroes.

Yes, there are souls in dogs.

They have pure innocence behind their eyes that conveys nothing but the purest of love and companionship, and if that is not a soul, it would be almost impossible to describe what a soul is.

They act naturally and in accordance with the natural balance in our crazy world. And they understand our emotions and our physical needs. Souls in dogs is not just a concept, it ia a reality.

Healing Powers and Hope

If a soul is love kindled by light, and then consummated into the fabric of what that life is.

It is of little wonder that a dog can walk into a nursing home or a hospital and immediately bring joy, laughter, and comfort.

This life force we know as dogs can bring laughter into a dying Child's life; and they can bring comfort to the elderly and lonely.

They can also bring hope to the desperate, and if that is not the substance of a soul, again it would be hard to describe what it actually is, and as a result souls in dogs are real.

Dogs can predict and sense when seizures are about to attack the owners, and they can find and detect cancer growths.

They commonly lower blood pressure and stress every time that you need that type of relief.

They help to cope with the loss of one of your loved ones as well as major challenges and changes in your life.

They help people that cannot see cross intersections every day, even in the busiest cities in the world like New York City, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

They help their owners cope with AIDS and Alzheimer’s, as well as increasing the survival rates of their owners with heart disease.

They give a sense of hope with foster children who may have no other friend in the entire world other than this dog.

And if this is not a soul that is driving all of this, and souls in dogs do not exist, it would be very hard to explain what a soul is.


Souls in dogs will always be controversial, but it is not a controversy if you are a dog owner.

Your dog’s eyes are the vessels in which they live their life, but it is also the entrance into their soul.

One look into those eyes should answer the question once and for all as you can literally see their soul looking back at you.

Souls in Dogs

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