Flatulence in Dogs
There are several natural treatments to keep your dog from clearing the room

Flatulence in dogs is a condition that affects all dogs.

If your dog has repeated and severe bouts, it could be signs of a gastrointestinal tract disease and some of the conditions could include intestinal parasites, food allergies, and intestinal viruses.

It could also include inflammatory bowel disease or a deficiency of digestive enzymes.


But in the majority of cases, it is just a normal set of circumstances that occur.

All dog owners have their own sets of experiences with flatulence in dogs, but not all dog owners may know what it actually is, what causes it, and the ways that you may prevent it.

But we have all been through it.

Cute dogFlatulence in dogs single biggest cause is table scraps

You are setting there or in bed and it hits and perhaps you have wondered what just died.

In our case, the older dog occasionally seems to experience it just when he lies down to bed.

You can call it whatever you want, from gastrointestinal distress, to excess gas, gas, or yes, farts.

Whatever you call it, the term actually means the release of intestinal gas through the anus.

And it range from embarrassing to actually kind of funny.

There are some very interesting facts about Flatulence in dogs.

All intestinal gases within your dog have a combination of components.

Gas that contains no odors make up about 99% of the gas that they expel, and are a mixture of air, hydrogen, methane, and carbon dioxide.

Gases that have odors make up the other 1%, but that 1% is what you can help to prevent or at least try to control.

The 1% is made up of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and protein by-products, which are basically fatty acids. Although it is a very small percentage, flatus can be quite nauseating and uncomfortable.


Most all causes of Flatulence in dogs derive from your pet swallowing air, which is a condition known as aerophagia.

This will almost always occur when your pet gulps down there food too fast, and as a result they swallow air that is than passed just as quickly through their digestive tract.

Other causes can be the result of undigested food by the digestive tract that results in intestinal bacteria as well as gas diffusion from the blood to the stomach.

It may also be the result of various chemical reactions occurring in the intestinal tract.

The remainder of the possible causes of flatulence in dogs will of course be something that they have eaten.

There are some foods that are very hard for your dog to digest such as soybeans, beans, and peas.

High fiber foods as well as very cheap commercial dogs food could also be the cause, as well as one too many treats or table scraps.

If you are buying your dog a very cheap dog food, spring for the extra few dollars and switch to a higher quality of dog food. Place yourself in the position of your dog.


We all feel better if we eat a nice dinner as compared to a couple of ballpark hot dogs followed by some popcorn.

It’s the same for your dog as a sure sign if you are feeding your dog too many table scraps or treats will be slight cases of diarrhea, and yes, you guessed, the farts.

The most important thing that you can do for this condition is to slow your pet down as they eat.

This is critical, not only for Flatulence in dogs, but also in helping to prevent bloat in dogs, especially if you have a large dog.

Many sources will recommend elevating your dog’s feeding bowel, but this is perhaps the worst thing that you can do, again especially if you have a large breed.

It may help with Flatulence, but you put them in an immediate danger of bloat, a condition that could take your dogs life very quickly.

Take your dog for a nice, controlled, quiet walk, but wait an hour or so after they eat. By walking, any excess gas they may have will most likely be expelled during this exercise.

Add digestive aids to their food such as Acidophilus or Prozyme, or simply a digestive aid supplement that you can buy from a pet supply stores or catalog.

Magnesium phosphate is also very good at controlling this condition.

But there are two more things that you might want to try to help your pet with gas. Give them some yogurt and treat it like a desert for your pet, or a reward.

Yogurt has very beneficial bacteria that help to restore the balance in your dog’s digestive tract.

These healthy bacteria are found naturally in your dog’s system, but they can be lost in fighting infections, and yogurt is a very inexpensive and effective way to restore them.


The last thing you might try is charcoal. Activated forms of charcoal can be bought in almost any pet store or catalog, and helps to fight the gases that produce the 1% of the real issue here, the odor.

It has shown to be extremely effective, and again, very inexpensive.

Flatulence in dogs will happen. But the next time it happens; don’t blame them, as you have some real viable options to help them.

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