Causes of Dog Dander
There are several very effective treatments but most owners do not know what they are

Are there any treatments for the causes of dog dander that actually work, or is a life of allergies your only option?

The answer to this question is yes, there are some extremely effective treatments but most owners have no idea what they are.

Instead, they try to cope with the allergies that they can cause or worse yet, they make the decision to live pet free just to avoid the issues.


Before you make any type of decision on what treatments can help with the causes of dog dander, it is very helpful to understand what it is as well as its origin.

If you have ever suffered from the effects of this very challenging condition or know someone that has, you understand that the symptoms can range from quite mild to the other end of the spectrum.

On the other end they can actually become life threatening.

Although this is considered to be quite rare, if you have a very sensitive immune system, you can have a very severe reaction to the proteins that are found in dog dander.

The best way to describe dog dander is “dead skin”.

Once the skin has died in certain areas of your dog’s body, it is then shed into the atmosphere in one of two ways; through your dog’s saliva or their urine.

Once this does occur, it most circles it is referred to as “pet pollen” and is often described as dog dandruff that can become very irritating to some people.

It is in this process that fully understanding the causes of dog dander can help you defeat this very challenging condition.

Although it is most often described as shedding hair, this is huge misconception as it is not hair; instead it is the shedding of the dead skin cells in your dog.

However, there is another very challenging aspect with this condition; the older your dog gets the more prone he is to developing it.

In fact, the ratio of dead skin cells in older dogs can exceed younger dogs at almost a 10:1 ratio, which makes it even more important to understand the causes.

Adorable labsThere are three leading potential causes of dog dander


There is also another huge misconception about dog dander; it is like dandruff and you can actually see it if you look hard enough.

This is also totally false as these dead skin cells are only 2 to 3 microns in size, making it virtually impossible to see by the human eye.

It is for this reason that this is considered to be one of the most challenging of all dog conditions to control.

The reason for this is that because of their microscopic size, these dead cells can be transmitted through the air.

As a result can very easy become absorbed in your bedding, carpets, as well as your furniture.

Once it has reached the atmosphere it can then very easily enter into your mouth, nose, as well as your eyes where it immediately makes contact with your mucous membranes and bronchial tubes.

But there is still one other very challenging aspect about it, it can literally stay in the air for hours before it lands on any type of surface making dog dander control extremely difficult.


The treatments for the causes of dog dander allergies will all be centered on one central theme; controlling your allergies.

However, this is taking the reactive approach to defeating it instead of the proactive approach which is to defeat the cause before it ever becomes an issue.

In fact, it is this approach that has lead several dog owners to abandon their loyal friend after several years.

This is very sad for both parties as it could have very easily been avoided if you understood the actual causes of dog dander.

Most articles that you will read will give you several steps that you can take to avoid dog dander allergies, but if you expect to win the battle you must address the actual cause.

The first step in traditional approaches includes keeping your dog out of the house, but you have to remember that once the dander has landed, this will make absolutely do difference.

Having your dog groomed by a professional is another step generally given, but this too does very little to address the underlying cause.

However, the traditional list is still not complete as they will also suggest having someone else bathe your dog preferably at an off-site location, or even replacing all of your furniture, which is even more absurd.

Then they will try to sell you air purifiers to help control the allergen as well as selecting non-shedding breeds, but this again totally ignores the real way to defeat this condition.


If you really want to win this battle once and for all as well as remain a dog owner, you should be focused on only one thing; addressing and then defeating the actual causes of dog dander.

There are three potential causes that you can address head on and beat very easily; flea and tick infestation, skin infections, and perhaps the most critical of all the potential causes; poor nutrition.

The first of the causes of dog dander is flea and tick infections as the excessive and constant scratching by your dogs as a reaction to this attack can very easily start to affect their skin.

Once the infection is established, the outer layers of your dog’s skin also become affected.

As the infestation begins to intensify, more layers of your dog’s skin will become exposed, which then leads to more attacks, which will begin to destroy the skin cells of your dog.

The best way to defeat this attack is to do two things; use flea and tick collars as well as supplement powered vitamin B1, or thiamine.

Fleas as well as ticks absolutely hate the taste of this B vitamin and you have just taken your first step in controlling the causes of dog dander.

The next step will be a two-fold approach as you have to control any type of skin disease such as eczema, mange, and ring worm, as well as yeast infections.

In the vast majority of all cases of skin infections in dogs there is one underlying cause; poor nutrition.

This is perhaps the most important issue that you can control to help to prevent all of the causes of dog dander.

Dog dander

If you take this pre-emptive approach and build your dog’s immune system to its full operating strength, you may stop it before it ever occurs.

By simply placing one recommend dosage of powered vitamins into your dog’s food two times a day, you will rapidly begin to build back their immune system even in older dogs.

Once their system is a full operating capacity, the dead skin cells will rapidly begin to disappear.

You will never be able to totally eradicate dead skin cells as this is part of any living entities skin process, but you can in most all cases stop this condition before it reaches the point that it causes problems.


Stopping the causes of dog dander should be your number one focus. The focus should not be placing your dog outside, hiring outside groomers, or even getting rid of your dog.

It should be on addressing the underlying cause before it ever occurs. It also very quickly stop worrying about a life with dog caused allergies.

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