Beagle Health Issues
Although ear infections are the best known there are others

Although the list of beagle health issues is not nearly as long as some of the other breeds, there are still some issues that you should be aware of.

If you own one, you may be aware of some of these issues, or if you are thinking of getting one, it is quite helpful to understand what they are.


However, it is also quite interesting to understand this very gentle breeds background, their personality and how they may will interact with your family.

It is also helpful to know what special needs they may have.

In fully understanding beagle health issues, is very interesting to understand their history and this is where some of the mystery with this breed begins to develop.

Although they are very well known for their hunting skills, especially with small animals like rabbits, their precise history is not fully understood.

What is understood is that they considered one of the smallest members of the hound breeds that rely very heavily on their sense of small to hunt

However, their original origins are only traceable to the mid-19th century.

There is history that shows that in the early 14th century there were beagle like hounds that were utilized specifically to hunt rabbits.

However, there is still not a lot of history until the 19th century, they are still considered by most dog experts to be one of the oldest of all the breeds.

Beagle dogThe beautiful eyes can be targeted

The reason for this is they are one of the breeds that appear to resemble the original hounds very closely in appearance.

The actual name given to this breed is strongly suggested to derive from the English word begele, or the Celtic word, beag.

The reason for this is that both of these words means small in their respective languages.

This breed is also believed to have originated in the British Isles, and it is documented that it was by far and away the most favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth.

Because of their remarkable ability to scent, search out, and then find the prey that they are hunting.

This breed was officially recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1873, and shortly after that, it was brought to the United States.

However, it must also be noted that there is also one very disturbing fact about this very gentle breed; their role in medical research.

Because of their size and their temperament, they have been used for years in medical research.

Beagle health issues continues with who and what these dogs actually are, and if you have never met one of them, you are in for a very pleasant surprise as they will literally melt your heart.

They are perhaps one of the friendliest and lovable breeds you will ever meet, and if you did not known better, you would swear that their tails are literally in a perpetual state of wagging.

As any dog owner can attest to, this means only one thing; they are very happy to see you.

If you are considering adopting one or purchasing one, there may be no better choice for a family pet then this breed.

They are very easy going by nature; love to play games with their adopted human friends, and because of their short hair coats, they require very little grooming.

They also shed very little, do not drool, and they will have a very minimal amount of dog smell or odor.

However, there are also a few challenges with this breed and the first one is being left alone.

They love being around people, and if they are left alone, they can easily become frustrated and slightly destructive, and because they love to hunt, they also have a tendency to dig a lot.

They also tend to be quite vocal in some cases.


The list of beagle health issues is not extension, but there are seven concerns that you should be aware of: ear infections, glaucoma, cherry eye, hypothyroidism, heart disease, inverted disk disease, as well as epilepsy.


The list of beagle health issues begins with ear infections for one very simple reason; they have very long ears.

Because of this, there are several symptoms that you can watch for that your dog has developed this condition and the first of these is an odor coming from their ears.

This is generally followed by a discharge, which is then followed by a redness of swelling in their ear flaps or canal.

However, in most cases, because of the size of their ears, it will develop in their flaps.

This will then result in your beagle scratching or rubbing their ears and head, as well as shaking or tilting their head.

Ear infections are considered to be the most common health condition in all breeds, but it will be intensified because of the size of their ears.

The most common causes of ear infections are allergies, a parasite such as an ear mite, an infection of some kind, as well as plant awns.

With this breed this is the first thing you should look for because of their love for hunting.

Other potential causes include moisture in their ears, as well as hypothyroidism, which is a hormonal abnormality.


Next on the list of beagle health issues is hypothyroidism, which is a situation where there has been an impaired production as well as secretion in your dog’s thyroid hormones.

The production of this hormone is influenced by the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, as well as what is referred to as the hypothalamic.

However, it is estimated that in over 95% of all cases, it is the result of a destruction of your dog’s thyroid gland.

There are several symptoms to watch for with this condition, but the top four are a gradual development of lethargy, hair loss, a dry coat, and perhaps the most obvious, a sudden weight gain.


Your beagle will have perhaps the most dazzling eyes you have ever seen in a dog, but because of this, the next issues are also common; cherry eye and glaucoma.

Although the exact cause of cherry eye is still not fully understood, it is believed to be the result of a weakness in your dog’s connective tissues.

The ones suspected are those that are attached to the glands that surround their eyes.

This weakness allows these glands to collapse, and once this happens, they are exposed to dry air and begin to swell.

In some cases there is a discharge, and if your dog rubs their eyes, they become red and swollen. The only real effective treatment for cherry eye is surgery.

Glaucoma is next on the list of beagle health issues, and this is considered to be a medical emergency that if not corrected, can cost your dog their sight.

It is common in all dogs, but much more so in beagles because of the size of their eyes.

If their eye is normal, it will contain fluid that helps it to maintain its shape, and their body is constantly adding and removing this fluid.

However, glaucoma occurs as the result of too much pressure inside of their eyeball, and much like high blood pressure can damage your dog’s heart, this pressure damages their eyes inter-structures.


The other beagle health issues include heart disease, inverted disk disease, as well as epilepsy, and while they are all considered to be very serious, they are not nearly as common as the others.

This very gentle and docile breed of dog makes a wonderful pet, is in the top ten of all breeds, and even with these issues, will make a very loyal and healthy companion for several years.

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