Natural Aging Of Pets
Can very easily lead to several conditions

Aging of pets, in both dogs and cats, can lead to development of other diseases.

Several aliments such as Cushings disease, chronic liver problems and disease, inflammatory bowel disease and glaucoma are some just to name a few.

All of these are treatable, and all can be helped with the proper diets and the proper supplementation, especially liquid forms that have a superior absorption ratio.


Aging in dogs and cats can lead to the development of nervous disorders.

Myelopathy, which is a dysfunction of the spinal cord, may also affect the nervous system.

If you’re pets have had several periods of falling and or stumbling, this may be a sign of this ailment.

A nerve dysfunction involved in the aging of pets, especially dogs, will affect their balance, because of the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear being short circuited.

Because of the nerve damage, and may cause them to start tilting there head.

Aging of pets leads older pets also to have a real propensity toward development of tumors.

They can range from skin tumors, which are easily treated and not considered life threatening, to brain tumors, which are.

Carefully inspect your pets, both dogs and cats, for any types of lumps.

If you find any, immediate diagnosis from your veterinarian can possibly save your pets life.

There are several methods of preemptive steps that you can take to help shop potential problems in the aging of pets.

Again watch for obesity, which can easily affect the spine and cause spinal problems, as well as diabetes, just like us.

Watch closely your pet’s activity levels.

Older dogs eye will begin to cloudThe eyes will begin to cloud up

If they become lethargic or a short period of time, or start to slip or stumble frequently, this could be a sign your pet is developing arthritis.

This again, more frequent in larger dog breeds, but can affect both dogs and cats of any breed.

And watch very closely your pet’s drinking habits.


A sudden increase in the amount of water that they drink and increased urination because of this may be trouble signals of kidney disease, or again, diabetes.

Coat conditions, especially in cats, will become apparent very quickly.

Cats love to groom themselves, but if a serious illness is developing, they will stop.

Potential cancer risks in dogs may start with dull-looking hair that starts to fall out suddenly.

Muscle weakness, low body temperatures, is also signs of hyperthyroidism, as well as potential cancer development.

Older cats make great petsA proper diet is very important

Aging may also affect eye color changes and can be a sign of cataracts.

This is especially true if you’re pet starts having difficulty seeing in the darkness and running into objects that never happened before.

But by far and away, the leading indicator of aging of pet’s health is their teeth, in both dogs and cats.

Decaying teeth or teeth falling out may be a sign of much more serious developing problems.

The aging process with our pets also will bring about behavior changes.

They may be a lot slower to commands, and more sensitive to loud noises.

Just like us, as they age, information transmitted to their brains will be slower, as brain mass becomes smaller.

Internal discomforts on the part of your pet and may result in your pet “whining”. But be alert, they are trying to tell you something.

A pet’s inability to walk as far or as crisp may just not be the aging process.

It may be signs of heart problems as well as arthritis.

There will be no substitute for helping your aging pet more important than the proper diet, supplementation, and regular visits, proper diet, supplementation, and regular visits to your veterinarian.


To help in the aging process with your pet, keep them on a regular routine.

Pets of all ages feel a lot more comfortable with a routine, they like to know what to look forward to basically.

Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly, especially as they get older is a must.

There are numerous dental products available for both cats and dogs.

Give your older pets a lot of relief breaks, as holding urination for older pets can cause several problems.

And finally, be sure to match their dietary intake with their exercise.


Do not be an easy prey for those loving eyes asking for treats, as at this point in their life too many could hurt them.

Your pet relies on you to make the proper decisions, especially as they get older, and supplementation can greatly enhance the health in the aging of pets.

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