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Can be extremely effective if you use them correctly

Supplements for canine pancreatitis are often overlooked in this very wicked and unpredictable disease, but there are some supplements, both conventional and natural, that can help.

In some cases, the pancreatitis in your dog may be very mild and they may have only one episode, but in the majority of cases, it is more serious.

If the pancreatitis in your dog is severe, even though they may recover, they can very easily still develop fatal complications.

The major objective with pancreatic insufficiency is to save as many nutrients in your dog’s body as you possibly can.

The reason for this is simple; the majority of the nutrients will be passed from their body undigested, trough the feces.

Once this unpredictable disease reaches this stage, your dog will develop a ravenous appetite at the same time they are developing both diarrhea and weight loss.

Your dog may be eating like there is no tomorrow, but they are basically starving to death.

In this case, if your dog does survive, it will require a lifetime of treatment unless the pancreas can repair itself.


Beagle dogsNatural Supplements for canine pancreatitis can be very effective

In fully understanding the supplements for canine pancreatitis, it is very helpful to understand the pancreas itself and how it actually operates.

The pancreas in your dog is a V-shaped organ that is located behind their stomach and the first section of their small intestines, which is referred to as the duodenum.

Its serves two primary functions: aiding metabolism and the digestion of nutrients.

In the metabolism process, it is instrumental is aiding in the metabolism of sugar in your dog’s body through the production of insulin.

In the digestion of nutrients, it helps by producing pancreatic enzymes.

These enzymes are critical in helping your dog’s body with the digestion as well as the absorption of nutrients from the food that they eat.

Pancreatitis, in any type of form ranging from minor to acute, is the result of inflammation that occurs in the pancreas.

Although supplements for canine pancreatitis can help in the metabolism process, they can be critical in the digestive process, as this is where the majority of the damage is done with this disease.


There are multiple factors that can be the actual cause of this wicked disease, and this is why supplements for canine pancreatitis can be critical.

It can be the result of medications, infections, obesity, or a buildup of toxins in your dog’s body.

It may also be the result of certain types of metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia as well as hypercalcemia.

Hyperlipidemia is a condition where there are very high amounts of lipid in your dogs blood, and hypercalcemia is a condition where there are high amounts of calcium in the blood.

However, it is believed that the largest factor in this disease occurs when dogs that eat a high fat diet or dogs that are fed an excessive amount of table scraps.

Greasy food that may be fed as table scraps can very easily trigger this condition in your dog.

Middle aged dogs seem to be more affected, regardless of the breed, but there are some breeds that seem to be especially prone to pancreatitis; Schnauzers and Yorkshire terriers.


There are several symptoms that you can watch for that your dog may have Pancreatitis, and the first symptom is generally a sudden and very painful abdomen.

When this occurs, the abdomen may become distended and your dog will literally hunch up in their posture as the pain is that severe.

They will than begin to rapidly lose their appetite as the result of this pain, and then start to vomit as well as develop severe diarrhea.

Because of this, they will than become extremely dehydrated, which itself is a very serious condition.

If the Pancreatitis is severe enough, your dog can easily develop heart irregularities, wide spread body infections referred to as sepsis, and well as DIC.

DIC is a life threatening situation known as disseminated intravascular coagulation, which can result in multiple hemorrhages in your dog.

If the inflammation becomes severe enough, the organs that surround the pancreas can become auto-digested.

This is a horrible condition where the pancreatic enzymes that are released from the damaged pancreas basically start eating themselves.

The result is a permanent damage that cannot be corrected unless the cells can be repaired or helped by supplements for canine pancreatitis.


Supplements for canine pancreatitis will come in two different forms, conventional as well as natural.

However, in most all cases the first form of treatment will be with a very low fat diet to try to stabilize the pancreatic enzymes.

This is usually done with cooked rice and very bland meats such as turkey burger or chicken.

But there also seems to be a lot of benefits from supplementing pancreatic enzymes orally, especially with a product known as Viokase.

This product is also referred to as Pancrelipase and is a combination of three enzymes or proteins; lipase, protease, and amylase.

These enzymes are normally produced by your dog’s pancreas and are absolutely critical for the digestion of fats, proteins, and sugars.

It is used to replace all of these enzymes when your dog’s body cannot produce them on its own as a result of this disease.

This form of supplements for canine pancreatitis is still relatively new and is not yet proven to be a success.

However it has been used very successfully in humans and has shown to provide a lot of pain relief by supplementing these critical enzymes.

This is believed to be the result of a feedback mechanism where the presence of digestive enzymes, even if they are supplemented, shuts down the release of digestive enzymes from the pancreas.

This immediately helps to limit the damage that is occurring.

If your veterinarian does not recommend them, ask them about this supplement and if necessary, seek another opinion.

The natural supplements for canine pancreatitis will in the form of two herbs; Milk thistle and Burdock.

Milk thistle has been used for over two thousand years as a treatment for liver diseases, gall bladder problems, as well pancreatic conditions.

It is very powerful as an antioxidant but more importantly, it removes toxins at the cellular level in your dog.

By doing so, it is believed to actually help in repairing any damages to the pancreas cells as it helps to repair it by growing new cells.

The results in humans are still slightly in doubt, but according to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the results in animals have been extremely effective.

Burdock has also been shown to be extremely effective, especially as a blood purifier, and has also been used for centuries.

It helps to clean your dog’s blood stream of toxins, as well as acting as a diuretic.

However, it also has two bio-chemical tissue salts in its structure that help in detoxify your dog’s liver as well as their pancreas.


Supplements for canine pancreatitis are centuries old as well as relatively new.

This disease is very unpredictable and instead of relying on bland diets as the only treatment, there are other options that can help your dog with this very painful disease.

Supplements for Canine Pancreatitis

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