SAMe for Pets
Has effects of every cell in your pets body and this is just the beginning

SAMe for pets is an extremely powerful supplement that is especially effective in treating both cats and dogs livers that may have several different types of liver diseases.

These include diseases such as cholangio-hepatitis, fatty liver syndrome, granulomatous hepatitis, and several other liver dysfunctions.


SAMe is such a powerful and promising supplement in healing the damages of cell membranes, that it is also being clinically tested on several other pet diseases.

They include Diabetes, Cushings disease, Pancreatitis, Anemia, as well as some heart conditions.

The final results are still not in, but if the results are anything like they are with the liver, it could be a major breakthrough in treating pets in the future.

It is also know as S-Adenosylmethionine and is a naturally occurring compound that is found in most every tissue and fluid that is in your pet’s body.

It is involved in several functions in their body and helps with the immune system, cell membranes, as well as assisting in producing and then breaking down brain chemicals.

Deep blue eyes in catsSAMe for pets is ever more effective if used with B vitamins

SAMe for pets works very closely with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6.

A deficiency of either vitamin in your pet may reduce the levels of SAMe in their body. It is produced in your pet’s body from the amino acid methionine.

This amino acid is incorporated into proteins, and one of its major roles is in the metabolism and conversion into SAMe.

It is the key ingredient in what is referred to as the transsulfuration pathway.


SAMe for pets affects virtually every cell in your pet’s body but is especially important in the liver cells.

There are three chemical processes in your pet’s liver that converts this compound.

The first is the transsulfuration pathway where it is converted into glutathione which is a very powerful antioxidant in your pets system.

It protects the liver cells from the damage that waste removal from the blood stream eliminates and also helps to detoxify the cells.

In this process, it also protects red blood cells as well as producing other chemical compounds that help with the removal of bile acids out of the liver.

The second process is stabilizing these cell membranes and promoting the secretion of bile.

The third step is the conversion of SAMe into antioxidants which have anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic properties.

All three of these functions rely on this natural substance in the major roles of liver functions, cellular replications, and protein synthesis.

If the liver becomes damaged, or if there is a deficiency of Vitamin B12 or B6, there will be lower amounts of glutathione produced which is your pet’s natural antioxidant.

Once this happens, your pet’s body starts what can be a very destructive cycle of liver damage.

Your pet’s liver has an amazing ability to both regenerate and replace cellular components as they become damaged.

It also filters and stores blood, detoxifies, excretes toxins, and metabolizes food to that provides your pet with much needed vitamins and minerals.

It also helps prevent blood clotting and aids the digestive process. But it can become subject to infections if weakened.


If this natural supplement in your pet’s body does decrease, giving your pet the supplemental form immediately starts the body in producing more glutathione.

Once this starts to increase, it immediately begins to both heal and repair your pet liver cells.

It is very important to note, however, that giving your pet more methionine does not help, in fact it is very harmful to your pet as it disrupts the natural process.

SAMe for pets is a dietary supplement and will be given to your pet orally.

It will be extremely important to follow the instructions given by your veterinarian as it can cause some reactions in your cat or dog if not followed properly.

This supplement must be given on an empty stomach.

It is much easier to give supplements to your pet and hide it in their food, but with this supplement food decreases its absorption into your pets system.

This supplement may also cause some slight irritation in your pet’s throat if it is not swallowed quickly.

This is more of a problem in cats than in dogs and you may have to force your cat to drink some water or take a syringe and place some water in their throat to make them swallow it.

There are also human forms of this supplement, but it will not be as effective in pets, as the pet supplement is designed especially for cats and dogs.

The pet form has a special coat of protection that is designed to withstand the powerful stomach acid in pets.

It should always be given as one pure tablet and not broken or cut in half, as it will then be dissolved by these acid before working.

It is also very important to note that this is not a very stable supplement and moisture can destroy it.

It must be stored in a dry container and away from a damp environment.


There have been virtually no side effects reported with this supplement and it is extremely effective in building back as well as restoring your pet’s ability to repair cellular liver damage.

Liver damage to your pet is a silent predator and you may not know that your pet has any problems until it becomes severe.

Vitamin B12 and B6 should be a mainstay in your pet’s diet as a natural precaution against liver damage.

But if it does occur, SAMe for pets is a very effective way to restore their natural resistance.

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