Holistic Medicine for Dogs
There are still several in the medical community that refuse to consider them

Holistic medicine for dogs and some of the alternatives is still a very controversial subject.

One side of the argument will claim that if these forms of treatments actually worked, they would be more widely used than they are.


This side will also suggest that if herbs and like medications are used without the proper training as well as a full understanding, they can do a lot more harm to your dog than good.

They will also contend that much like vitamins and minerals; they have not fully been tested or properly investigated for their full efficiency or safety.

Beagles eyesHolistic medicine for dogs is growing in popularity

Then there is the other side of the argument for holistic medicine for dogs.

This side will remind the objecting side that many of these treatments have been around for thousands of years and dogs survived and thrived.

They will also argue that they are a much more natural way to heal a dog’s body as compared to chemicals, synthetics, as well as preservatives found in modern drugs.

Then they will suggest that these additives have not been around since the beginning of time, and they can do more harm than good.

However, despite both sides of the argument, the modern veterinary world, just like the modern medical world, is beginning to take some of these treatments a lot more seriously.

In most cases, they are used as alternative treatments and they include homeopathic remedies, herbal medicine, as well as acupuncture.


Homeopathic Remedies

Holistic medicine for dogs and homeopathy are almost always misunderstood when it is used to describe any type of treatments. However, it is much different than herbal medicine.

Originally introduced in the late 1800’s by a German physician, it has one very basic philosophy; like cures like.

This type of medical treatments will use a combination of medicine, natural plants, as well as minerals and vitamins again with one simply theory.

The cause of the illness can also be used to cure the illness or disease.

These types of holistic medicine for dogs can include caring for liver disease with a diet that includes low fat meats as they are much easier on the liver to digest.

It also helps to avoid foods that have a lot of preservatives and additives.

Vitamins and minerals will also be used to restore the liver.

Vitamins E, the B-complex, as well as chromium and selenium are used in natural treatments for a dog’s heart.

Natural amino acids such as L-carnitine helps a dog to process fat and help to energize the heart, and taurine helps to protect the heart from getting too much calcium and enhances cell membranes.

The benefits of vitamins and minerals can and does include most every part of your dog’s body as these are just a few of the examples.

Herbal Medicine

Holistic medicine for dogs will next include herbal medicines that have been around since the beginning of time but are now starting to gain a lot of new interest, at least in the western world.

The belief with this form of treatment is that instead of using drugs which may alter your dog’s natural immune system, these types of treatments or remedies actually stimulate the immune system.

Most all of these herbs are derived from plants and what the side that opposes them usually fails to mention, is that they are almost always part of a new drug or treatment.

In fact, most of the new drugs were discovered and isolated from plants.

These types of treatments used in drugs can be very fast acting, but the natural forms are considered to be much safer.

The reason is they are not nearly as potent and do not have the side effects that some drugs have.

The list of these herbs and the uses for dogs is quite extensive.

Calendula can be used for wound healing, and the herb Raspberry is often used to help with pregnancy.

Echinacea is used as a natural way to stimulate your dog’s immune system, and Milk thistle is used to treat liver disorders.

Chamomile is most commonly used for wound helping as well as respiratory problems, and Gingko is used to improve memory, especially in older dogs and dogs that have any type of a head injury.

Holistic medicine for dogs and herbs will also include Lavender to help dogs that have a difficult time in sleeping, and Oats is used to reduce itching.

It can also be used when you bath your dog as it will soften their hair coat. Yeast is often used as a natural supplement for your dog’s skin, but is also extremely effective at stopping diarrhea.

If your dog has a fever, the herbal treatment for this is Asian Ginseng, and Flax-seed is used for constipation as well as IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Acupuncture Treatment

The next form of Holistic medicine for dogs is Acupuncture, which is also as old as any type of herbal treatment.

It is an ancient method of pain control that causes the release of natural pain relieving chemicals is your dog’s brain.

The stimulus for this release is done with very fine needles that are placed at very strategic locations in their body.

However, there is one thing that is very helpful for an owner to understand; the treatment is virtually painless for your dog.

This form of treatment is starting to gain a lot of momentum and is now officially recognized by both the American Veterinarian Medical Association as well as the World Health Organization.

It is really a very simple process; however, not all dogs can have this treatment.

They will first have to be examined by your veterinarian and if approved, the medical history of your dog will have to be given to the acupuncture professional.

If he or she approves, your dog is a candidate.

Several needles will then be inserted into your dog’s body, but they are so thin that your dog will virtually feel no pain at all.

Your dog will be palpitated, which will involve shaking them slightly so they can find the path of what is referred to as energy meridian.


They will than massage your dog to identify the weak and tender parts of their body.

Once these points have been identified, the needles are inserted.

The entire process may take only a few minutes, or in some cases, several minutes, but the treatment will never last very long.

There are several conditions as well as diseases that this form of holistic medicine for dogs can help.

They include strengthening your dog’s immune system to full capacity which will help to fight infections as well as allergies.

It is also very helpful in curing neurological illness, reproductive issues, as well as several types of skin diseases.

It is also been reported to help hip dysplasia, chronic digestive problems, as well as lick granuloma and epilepsy.

There is one other major misconception about this natural treatment; it is very expensive.

On the average, the cost will be between sixty and two hundred dollars per session and most dogs will feel immediate relief after only one or two sessions.

However, if the condition is severe or chronic, it can be as high as five hundred dollars.

In some cases, this may end up being a lot cheaper than several veterinarian calls and conventional medications for your dog.


Holistic medicine for dogs is still very controversial and both sides of the argument will try to prove their points.

But there is one thing to remember in this argument.

These treatments have been around for thousands of years and amazingly the world wide dog population survived without the modern day treatments.

This is a fact that the opposing side may want to consider.

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