Herbal Remedies for Dogs
The list is not only extensive but also very helpful

Herbal remedies for dogs have been used for thousands of years but they are still confusing and controversial for many owners.

The use of herbs and the benefits they offer are starting to gather new momentum in many parts of the world as natural ways to build your dog’s immune system.

While the uses of drugs in modern medicine have shown tremendous advances in recent years, there are still many who believe that they can and do alter your dog’s natural immune system.

But there is one very important thing to understand about herbal medications.

They can also have some very damaging side effects if not used properly.

In all cases where you are going to use herbal treatments, you should do so under the direction of a professional.

If your veterinarian does not fully understand or accept herbal remedies for dogs, find one that does.


For every one professional that does not believe in this ancient form of treatment, there is one that not only understands them, but they can fully explain and utilize them.

What is also important to understand, is that most all of today’s new drugs were discovered and then isolated from plants.

They are than purified and concentrated.

As a result act very quickly in most all cases but they also have the potential for very serious side effects.

The entire idea behind herbal remedies for dogs is to have your pet ingest either an extract form or a dried form of the same plant, but in much smaller concentrations.

It is strongly held in several circles that this will produce the same desired effects of many of today’s modern medications, but without the potential of side effects.

It is almost impossible to get any type of treatment that will totally safe for your dog.

But if herbal remedies are taken with the assistance of professional guidance, they may be as close as you will ever come to being completely safe.

Black Walnut

Herbal remedies for dogs will almost always begin with black walnut as it is perhaps the most powerful and natural remedy for your dog’s biggest enemy; worms, especially heart-worms.

However, it can be cause complications if not given in the correct amounts by a professional as it may cause diarrhea and vomiting.

There are several very effective herbal supplements that will utilize black walnut, but in lesser amounts and will combine it with barberry, cascara, chapparal, cloves garlic, berry, milk thistle, sage, and slippery elm.

Red Clover

DobermansHerbal remedies for dogs are as old as mankind

This herbal remedy has been used in several cancer formulas because of its diuretic qualities as well as its blood cleansing and anti-neoplastic affects.

However, it is much safer when combined with other ingredients.

If your dog has any type of a blood clotting disorder it is not recommended as it contains very small amounts of Coumadin.

It also contains very small amounts of salicylic acid, the main ingredient in aspirin. However, it would have to be given in excess to have any adverse side effects.


This form of herbal remedies for dogs is very well known for its immune modulating qualities and is very effective in immune system disorders, diabetes, as well as immune deficiency conditions.

It helps to stimulate your dog’s immune system but is not recommended to give to your dog for more than six to eight weeks.

Because it is so powerful, it is recommended to stop it for a period of time and then reintroduce it slowly.

Most veterinarians will use this herb very early in treating this very wicked set of conditions as it is that effective.


This herb has a very long history and is one the most common herbs in traditional Chinese medicine and is used for respiratory disorders in dogs.

It is most commonly used for asthma, but it can potentially cause high blood pressure if it is not closely monitored by your veterinarian.


But again, it would have to be given in very high dosages to cause complications.


This form of herbal remedies for dogs has also been used for centuries, but is still controversial.

It is extremely effective in treating parasite infections, microbial infections, as well as treating cancer.

Garlic in very large amounts can cause anemia in dogs, and if your dog does have anemia, it is not recommended.

But it does not justify the criticism, as in must be given in excess before it causes any side effects.

The best way to use it in your dog is to carefully control the amounts. The rule of thumb is to give one garlic clove per every ten pounds of dog body weight.


This herb is very well known for its use in treating dogs with mild forms of cognitive disorders.

It is extremely effective for improving memory and is often used in working dogs, hunting dogs, as well tracking and military dogs.

Milk Thistle

This form of herbal remedies for dogs is very well known for its usage as a treatment for liver disease of any kind.

However, it is so powerful that owners should be very cautious in using it in normal dogs for extended periods of time, as it may depress some liver functions.

Tea Tree Oil

This is perhaps the best form of herbal remedy in controlling fleas in your dog.

It is used topically and is extremely effective at controlling itching as well, but should be used moderately in small breeds.

This herb is at its best when properly prepared and diluted by a professional.


There are several other herbal remedies for dogs and include the following.

Raspberry is very effective in assisting pregnancies in protecting both the mother and the litter, and Chamomile helps with both wound healing as well as respiratory diseases.

Lavender is a natural sleeping aid for your dog if they are having trouble sleeping, and oats helps to reduce itching when your dog is bathed in it.

Yeast is a natural skin supplement as well as a treatment for diarrhea, and flax-seed is used very effectively for both constipation as well as irritable bowel syndrome in dogs.


Herbal remedies for dogs will always be somewhat controversial, but if you fully understand and do the research, it becomes oxy-moronic to suggest controversy.

These treatments have been used for dogs for thousands of years and almost every medication, even the newest forms, are derived from herbs and plants.

You almost have to ask yourself why they would be controversial.

They have a much lower chance of side affects and are natural. Perhaps hampering large drug companies is where the controversy comes from.

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