Dogs Viral Infections
Can be prevented in most cases if you can build their immune system to full capacity

Dogs viral infections are similar in nature to bacterial infections, but this of type infection and the diseases they cause are some of the deadliest that your dog faces.

What is especially dangerous with this type of infection is that viruses exist for only one reason; to produce more viruses.


Viruses are extremely unusual by nature in that that they exist somewhere between the living and the dead.

They are totally dead to anything in nature until they find a host, and in this case it will be your dog.

These forms of genetic materials do absolutely nothing in normal terms as compared to any other type of living organism, until they find a host.

And then they do exactly what they were made to do, and that is to reproduce.

All viruses are considered harmful, unlike bacteria, which will have good and bad forms.

Canaan dogsThere are more dogs viral infections than just parvo

But not viruses; as their reproduction processes kill the cells that they have entered which is what makes dogs viral infections such a very serious threat to your pet.

Viruses are extremely small organisms that can only be seen by an electron microscope.

Their basic makeup is so simplistic that according to most experts’ definition of life, they are considered dead.

They have none of the characteristics of a living entity in that they cannot adapt, they have no cellular make up, they cannot metabolize, or can they reproduce; until they find a host and invade their cells.

From there on out they can become vicious killers. Once they have infected your dog they attach to the surface of their cells and then are ingested into the cell.

Once ingested, these killers stop the cells normal processes and basically make a blue print of the cell and start to produce viral proteins using the cells energy.

Once this starts, the cells will eventually rupture and infect the neighboring cells. Dogs viral infections have now began.



Dogs viral infections start with the most common infection in dogs worldwide, called canine parvovirus, or parvo.

This is an extremely contagious disease that causes severe diarrhea that usually becomes bloody after a few days.

It is especially dangerous to your dog because the strains have changed several times in the last thirty years.

This infection can become so serious that it will take the life of your dog if severe enough.

This infection is spread by your dog coming into contact with infected feces. It can be so powerful that the actual virus can live for up to two years in the spot that it contaminated.

It is especially dangerous in large metropolitan areas like New York City where your dog can contract the viruses by simply sniffing a spot where an infected dog deposited feces.

However, it can also be spread by insects and rodents that also come into contact with the contaminated feces.

The symptoms will cover a very large range depending on the severity. It is especially dangerous to puppies as well as large breeds.

The first symptoms will be vomiting followed by diarrhea, and than dehydration. The next symptoms will be bloody feces as well as a high fever.

Acute forms can attack any dog and progress very rapidly and can be so vicious that your dog can die within 48 hours.

There is a vaccination, but there have been several cases of vaccinated dogs still getting this viral infection.


This form of dogs viral infections is very similar to the virus in humans that causes measles.

It can affect your dog’s brain, eyes, the skin, as well as the respiratory system and is spread through the air by coughing or by infected urine.

Again, it is especially dangerous to puppies, but dogs of all ages and breeds can get this infection.

The symptoms will usually start with both nasal and eye discharges as well as coughing. Mild forms may only produce coughing spells, but severe cases will cases vomiting, diarrhea and seizures.

It is especially dangerous simply because it is so contagious.

There is no know treatment other than supportive, but there are very good vaccinations that can prevent it.

However, if left non-vaccinated, it can kill up to 75 percent of the infected dogs.

Canine Hepatitis

The next form of dogs viral infections is canine hepatitis, and this virus is found worldwide. It is spread by bodily fluids such as nasal discharge and infected urine.

The transmission of this infection is caused by direct contact with the infected dog or contact with their cages or eating dishes.

However, it can also be carried on human hands or shoes if contaminated, and then spread to your pet.

The symptoms almost always start with a sore throat in your dog and you will hear it in their cough. Once it enters into the bloodstream, it effects three organs; the eyes, the liver, and the kidneys.

If severe, if can cause the kidneys and liver to fail.

Its classic symptom however, is referred to hepatitis blue eye as the eyes turn almost blue as it affects the corneas of your dog.

There is no treatment, but there is a very strong and affective vaccination.

Canine Herpes Virus

This form of dogs viral infections is the leading cause of death in puppies usually at a very early age.

It will often hit so rapidly that the owner has no idea what happened. It is transmitted by a virus that lives in the reproductive and respiratory tracts of both male and females.

Puppies can become infected by the placenta in the uterus of the mother or by exposure to infected vaginal secretions during birth.

It takes symptoms generally about a week to appear, but once they do, it is usually too late. The signs to watch for will be crying and the inability to nurse.

The puppies may literally be hemorrhaging from the inside out and will start to stagger and show symptoms of being blind right before they die.

There is no treatment and no vaccination.

The best preventive measure is to make sure that the mother’s immune system is as strong as it can possibly be to prevent this form of dogs viral infections.


Dogs viral infections can be prevented by vaccinations, but in several cases vaccinations do not protect your dog as effectively as with other types of infections.

Building their immune system is an absolute necessity if fighting this wicked enemy.

Vitamin C, E, Selenium and Zinc are all used to help in treating any type of viral infection and they do bring some relief in cases where they can be treated.

However, building your dog’s immune system with these critical vitamins can help protect your dog against most viral infections.

Raw thymus extract plays a very significant role in the immune system in both the unborn and puppies.

Combined with vitamin C it is especially powerful in protecting the immune system against viruses attaching to a cell in your dog.


Dogs viral infections are vicious and the diseases they produce are some of the most serious your puppy or dog will face.

Protecting them with vaccinations and building their immune system may save their lives.

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