Dogs Body Language
Can literally tell you what your dog is thinking if you understand what to watch for

Dogs body language can be difficult to read in some cases, simply because they are perhaps the smartest animal alive at sending body signals, especially to other dogs and animals.

But they also send you the same signals, if you understand what to look for. Dogs are not as big at sending vocal communications as cats are, but they are experts at body signals.

Dogs can get their messages to owners in ways that sometimes almost manipulates you.

But if you can learn to listen, their body language can tell you almost anything you need to know about your best friend.


After all, the inverse is legendary and well known to any dog lover.

If you are depressed or have had a very sad set of events occur, your dogs instantly picks up on the sadness and will change their demeanor to try to comfort you.

Your dog can detect and smell ketosis that is about to send you into a diabetic shock, and they can also sense a seizure about to happen.

Your dog can also smell a tumor in your body and become so obsessed by it they will eventually draw your attention to it.

And if you learn their language and understand their sheer intelligence, you can pick up on everything they are trying to tell you.


Dogs body language begins with vocal communication, and although they may not be as vocal as cats, they still send you several types of communications by their voice.

They will whimper, mutter, growl, and than the sound all dogs owners know all too well, the bark. But that sometimes irritating bark can have several different meanings.

Howling DogsDogs body language will involve the eyes, ears, and the actual body

Dogs will whimper and whine because they are miserable, do not feel well, or are simply frustrated and trying to get your attention.

Older dogs will begin to whine and whimper a lot, especially when they want attention or when they are simply ready to go to bed.

When your dog growls, they are sending you a polite signal in their own way to back off.

However it may also be a playful signal that they know you are playing with them but they still want you to back off as what you are holding is theirs.

When your dog howls, it is a long distance signal inbreed in them that they can not find you or their home.

Or it is a signal that they are very lonely and miserable because they miss the contact with their family, which is you and your family.

And than there is the bark, which has several different meanings ranging from excitement to an alarm as they are telling you that something is wrong or someone is intruding.

However, it can also be a signal to you that they are in pain.

Especially is they are older, or they have developed a disease and you are not yet aware of it and with this form of dogs body language they are trying to tell you.

Separation anxiety barking is the result of your dog stressing out when you have left and they are trying to tell you, even though you can’t hear them, that they miss you.

It is the only way they know how to communicate what they are feeling.

Attention barking is just that, an attempt to get your attention. Play barking is your dog communicating that they are having fun.

If the fun suddenly stops for example when you quit throwing the stick, the play bark is the attempt to keep playing.

Than there is the bark that is stimulated by what they perceive as a threat or an intrusion, even if the intrusion is three houses down the block and another dog is out.

They are telling you that they are aware of it.

This type of barking is a vocalization of protection on their part and one of the best known forms of a dogs body language.


Dogs body language next moves their eyes, which is the entrance into their soul and who they really are.

When your dog eyes have direct contact, they are either looking for attention from you, or they are serving notice of a threat.

When your dogs eyes become narrow and challenging, they are about to become aggressive.

Wide open eyes in your dog demonstrates several things, starting with alertness and a chase is about to happen.

It can also indicate that they have just become very curious, but it can also be a sign of dominance.

Slightly narrowed eyes signal that your dog is nervous or anxious; sparkling eyes means just that, they are extremely content and happy.

However, when your dogs eyes are averted and they will not make direct contact, they are signaling submission or a deference of the situation.


The next form of dogs body language is with the ears, as they will telegraph you messages that almost simulate their eyes perfectly.

If they are a forward or a back position, this is a signal of aggression or a sign of a very sudden alert stage.

If they are laying all the way back and low on your pets head, they are afraid of something or afraid of you for some reason.

If your dog is new or adopted, this is a signal that your dog has been previously mistreated.

If the ears are in partially laid back, this is a sign of your dog suddenly becoming anxious.

If they are positioned in a perked up forward position, they are suddenly very curious and excited and in their language, a chase that is about to begin.

Perked up and forward ears are also telling you that they are guarding you or they are happy and relaxed, depending on the particular environment.


Your dogs body language than moves to the body itself and these movements also communicate several things.

If their muscles are very tense they are about to have an impeding fight or sense danger, or they are about to flee from something.

If the hair on their back actually stands up when their muscles are tense, they are extremely defensive and are about to protect their turf from what they sense is a coming invasion from something.

If they appear to be standing on their tip toes, this is a body signal that they are very focused, alert, and listening to something.

If they crouch while tense and sniffing the air, be prepared, they are signaling you that they are about to go after something, with or without you.

If the body is relaxed and normal, they are happy and content, and if their body is lowered to the ground with their front paws raised, they have become totally submissive.

If the body is raised high and almost erect, they are demonstrating dominance.

Movement toward a person or another animal in a slow and measured series of moves is a communication that is designed to get attention, while moving away is communicating uncertainly, or even fear.


However, it can also be the beginning signal of a defensive move that is about to happen.

Your dogs body language tells you everything that you need to know about your best friend, the problem is that we do not always listen.

Man best friends are great communicators, but at times man is not a great listener.

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