Dangerous Foods for Cats
Cats are very picky eaters but they will still eat most foods if they have a chance

Human foods, while very tempting, can be dangerous foods for cats, and can be deadly in a few cases.

There is a misconception that cats are very picky, and while some may be, they will still eat most of what you give them.

Be very careful in feeding your cat table scraps as it kill literally kill them. Human foods are much too rich for your feline.

If you do suspect something serious and your pet may be poisoned or in serious trouble, the National Animal Poison Center’s toll free number is 888-252-7387.


Cats have a very unique set of nutritional requirements, and feeding them table scraps could very easy throw off the balance, placing them in a dangerous to deadly situation.

Cats must have protein, fat, Vitamin A and C, Niacin, Arcachidonic acid, and amino acids.

Arcachidonic acid is an essential fatty acid in your cat’s chemical balance, and plays a large role in converting fat to energy in your cat.

However they cannot produce it, therefore it must be in the food they eat.

The major source of this fatty acid will be from animal fat.

Another essential is arginine, an amino acid that they also cannot produce.

This amino acid is essential in the elimination of protein waste and even the slightest deficiency of it can place your cat at risk.

It is also essential in the production of ornithine which binds ammonia produced from the breakdown of the protein.

If this is not in their diet, the ammonia levels could soar out of control and kill your cat. Here are some dangerous foods for cats.



Alcohol and alcoholic beverages can cause excitement in your cat that leads to slowed respiratory rates, cardiac arrest, and even death.

Alcohol, even in the smallest amounts, is extremely toxic to your cat.

Be very cautious will alcohol, especially mixed drinks that may smell very inviting to your cat, but are extremely dangerous foods for cats.

Cats green eyesOne of the most dangerous foods is raw fish in excess


All pet owners have heard about chocolate toxicity in dogs, but it is even more dangerous for cats, simply because they are much smaller.

Theobromine, especially strong in baking chocolates is poisonous to your cat.

Cats are not especially fond of the smell of chocolate as a rule, but they are still curious, and children thinking it is a treat, may actually be poisoning them.

Chocolate will immediately diminish or cut off the blood flow to the brain and can cause instant heart attacks or a litany of other medical conditions.

These combinations are especially dangerous foods for cats.


Your cat is not a dog, they should never be fed bones, it is not a treat, and it is a potential death warrant.

Small bones are especially dangerous as they can splinter and cut the inside of your cats mouth or throat, or even more serious, get stuck and choke your pet to death.

They can also cause cuts and lacerations inside of the stomach and digestive systems.

The symptoms that your cat may be choking will be gums that suddenly turn pale or bluish in color, rasping, and pawing at their face.

Make certain your cat does not get any bones as these are also very dangerous foods for cats.

Coffee Grounds or Beans

Even coffee grounds can produce caffeine toxicity in your cat. The symptoms are very similar to chocolate and just as threatening and are also very dangerous foods for cats.


Most cats will be attracted to the smell of avocados. There is a toxic substance to cats in avocados called persin. It is a fatty acid and by its nature will attack cats.

The symptoms to watch for if avocados have been ingested will be a difficulty in breathing, fluid buildups in the stomach as well as the chest.

These symptoms can cause the buildup fluid around the sac of the heart.


Raw Eggs

Cooked eggs are not dangerous, but raw eggs contain a protein called avidin, which can deplete the biotin in your cat’s body.

It can also cause hair loss, dermatitis, and can retard growth in kittens.


Cooked or uncooked, it makes no difference. Even very small amounts of an onion can be toxic and can cause anemia as the result of the destruction of red blood cells.

Symptoms to watch for will be blood in the urine, rapid heartbeats, and a pale mucous membrane.

Garlic and Leeks

Garlic may have wonderful benefits for us, but even in the smallest amount it is toxic in cats. It will have the same effects on your cat that onions have.

Leeks also have the same as garlic as these are both dangerous food for cats.

Raw Fish

There is an enzyme found in raw fish that destroys thiamine, called thiaminase.

A thiamin deficiency in cats is very serious and can cause a loss in weight, stupors, or loss of motor controls.

If left untreated, it can even lead to convulsions and comas in cats.


In very small amounts, liver is very good for your cat. However, it is very high in Vitamin A, and too much liver can cause Vitamin A toxicity.

A toxic level of Vitamin A affects your cat’s bones and can cause deformities or excessive bone growth in the joints.


Most cats love tuna, and small amounts or flavoring is good for your cat. But be very careful about red tuna, especially in canned cat food.

Too much red tuna could cause mercury poisoning as well as yellow fat disease.

If your cat starts to exhibit signs of pain in their chests or stomach, has hard painful lumps, it most likely is yellow disease. In some breeds of cats this could also cause Rippling Skin Disease.

Preventing your pet from eating these dangerous foods in cats is critical, but your cat also needs other essentials in their diets.

Niacin is essential must be supplemented or in your cats food, as they cannot produce it like dogs can.

Your cat also not produces Taurine, an amino acid.

Vitamins A and C are also critical for your cat’s health.


Cats cannot utilize fats reserves very effectively and as a results will breakdown protein, or non-fatty body tissues, if they are not getting the proper nutrients.

Human foods for cats are deadly and not meant for cats. Keep your cats on high protein and high fat diets, and no table scraps, especially these dangerous foods for cats.

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