An Alpha Cat
Is both a born leader and a real challenge

An Alpha cat is a natural born leader and the behaviors that they exhibit make a lot sense if you take it from that perspective.

However, as any owner that currently has an Alpha understands, if you do not learn to control them very quickly they will end up controlling you.

If you don’t, you will soon learn that your Alpha has an agenda and they will do everything in their power to meet that agenda.

Our cats are supposed to be very warm and affectionate creatures that in most all cases soon become our best friends, but an Alpha cat can change all of that.

But it does not have to be that way as even the toughest can be changed if you have the patience as well as the commitment.

However, one of the worst mistakes that you can make with an Alpha cat is to try to teach them or train them the way that is recommended by dog trainers or behaviorist.

Your cat is not a dog and it is not a pack leader, it is simply a very stubborn cat that will try to gain the upper hand or control each and every situation.

That fact is that they will if you let them, but the key is not in letting them control any situation.

Most dog behaviorists that work with Alpha dogs will tell you one of the first things you need to do with the pet is to win the battle of eye contact.

If you blink first, they have won the battle.

Nothing could be further from the truth with an Alpha cat or even a very strong willed cat.

Alpha cats eyes can controlAlpha cats can stare down most people

Cats can out stare any animal alive and it is literally no contest at all, and that includes you.

The only way to successfully get them to back down is to avoid any type of confirmation with them especially when it comes to starting.

In fact, walking away from them and ignoring them will do absolute wonders. They are not dumb, just stubborn


There is also a misconception that an Alpha cat is male and big for their size, but this is also incorrect.

The sex and their size has nothing to do with this situation, it is all about attitude.

This attitude can be so intimidating until controlled that they will literally think that they own you and not the other way around.

And they will own you if you let them.

In dealing with an Alpha cat the most important thing to understand is that they are natural leaders and they will very quickly become bullies or spoiled brats if you let them lead.

Cats are difficult enough to understand in some cases, but an Alpha will be very difficult until you fully grasp that they think that they are the leader in any type of activity and that includes you.

They will demonstrate this leadership through dissatisfaction if they do not get their way.

They do this by biting, crying or actually screaming instantly as well as scratching or clawing another cat, dog, or even you if you attempt to take something away from them.

They will also insist that they are fed when they want to eat, not when you want to feed them.

They will also let you, and the term let you is the key, pet them when they feel like it, but it will not last very long and will very quickly become aggressive again.

They have their own little agenda and in everything they do they are controlling you.

If you set back and think about it, you can relate to all of these signs if you have an Alpha.


There are some people that once their cat has been identified as an Alpha cat very quickly give up or even worse, no longer want the cat.

This is totally unfair and wrong as this challenging cat is still a very precious life form that deserves every chance at a full and happy life.

You just need to set their agenda for them instead of them setting it for you and they need some flat out tough love.

The first step on your agenda should be to avoid, under any and all circumstances any type of confrontation.

This sounds a lot more difficult than it actually is.

Once you have confirmed that you have a very challenging cat, simply make a list of everything that is causing or stimulating your cat into a confrontation.

Then make it your goal to avoid the confrontation.


If your Alpha cat tries to wake you up at night or early in the morning by biting you, do not get mad, avoid it by simply locking them out of your bedroom.

Make a point of placing their bed in another room, show them where it is at, make sure they have water, and then walk away.

But be prepared, as the first time you do this they will go into an absolute frenzy and cry out all night.

Easy deal, go buy some ear plugs; but ignore them and walk away again.

They may attempt this for several nights, but it will quickly subside and they will start to learn as this is one step at a time.

The next step will come with their food and feeding time.

They want to eat when they want to and will bully you on this as well.

This is another easy deal.

Place them back into their room and let them out when you are ready to feed them. You control the situation, not them.

Alpha cats can be controlledYou must take control


However, perhaps the biggest challenge will come with the petting routine.

The fact that you can only touch them when they want to be touched is no longer acceptable.

In the past they may have even tried to snip or bite at you when you are petting them.

If this happens again, do not pet them. Get up, walk away and ignore them.

When they want to jump up, make it where you call them.

If they don’t want to, that’s fine, ignore them again and ask only once.

Sooner or later they will want to be petted, but now it is on your terms, not theirs. If they snip or bite again, gently shove them off, get up, and walk away and ignore them.

Leave them alone for a few hours or place them in a room alone.

But you must ignore them and let them know that you are in charge.

Now they are ready for some further training.

Forget all of the naysayers that suggest you can’t’ train a cat, let alone an Alpha cat.

You can now train them to respond on cue when you want them to; but only when you want them to.

The best way to train your cat is with a clicker method and any clicking toy can work as it quickly draws their attention and it has three basic steps.

Step one is to teach them very quickly that the clicking involves a special treat they especially like.

Start the clicking and them give them a treat for doing nothing.

In step two, give them some kind of a trick to perform such as sitting or lying down.

They may work at first but they will quickly understand that the clicking means a treat if they do something.

Once they do what you have asked, treat them.

Keep repeating this a couple of times a day but now treat only when they have performed.

The final hurdle will now be to make them work for you in order for them to be stroked.

You must refuse to pet them unless they react to a hand signal or a voice command. Once they do, pet the briefly and then walk away.

Cats love to be stroked, but learn the signals of when to quit. Side way glances and swishing tales are signals that they have had enough.

Identify them quickly and stop as soon as you see them.

You control the situation, not your Alpha.


Your Alpha cat deserves every chance that you can give them.

You would never give up on a child just because they were aggressive, and the same should hold true with your cat.

You may be absolutely shocked on how this very difficult cat has now changed.

They will always be somewhat head strong, but now you are in complete control; not them.

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